‘Mourners’, Pran Nath Mago, 1947


‘Whispering Trees’ by Prem Singhe

Whispering Trees by Prem Singh
Oil on Canvas, 34 X 28 inches

Prem Singh’s ‘Whispering Trees’ invokes a sense of dynamic harmony that is more in the nature of water than of trees and land. The restlessness in the stroke speaks to both breeze and waves as the colors emerge a landscape devoid of water.

Devoid of a distinct body of water.

‘Whispering Trees’ creates harmonious images out of chaotic shapes, and spring colors from the storms to bring out the flexibility and resilience of the tree creatures.

Also by Prem Singh: Flowering of a Song

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Contact Artist Prem Singh at:prem.p43@gmail.com
Prem Singh’s website: www.canvasview.com

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