Still Life by Rubya Mehdi

Still Life
Kobenhaven 2011
Painting by Rubya Mehdi

Windows, Doors and Dwellings

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Marek Jakubowski

Works displayed at Uddari Art Exhibition: 16 (8, 1,7)
Windows, Doors and Dwellings
City Spirit: Shahr Aatma
People Punjab

Marek is Polish architect and photographer who had visited East Punjab in 1978 as a member of the Study Group of Punjabi Folk Art, Craft and Architecture. The photographs exhibited in ‘Windows, Doors and Dwellings’ and ‘People Punjab’ are a result of that visit.

At the time, Amarjit Chandan had this to say about Marek’s East Punjab photos:

‘MAREK JAKUBOWSKI makes you see things as they are, and in the context of the Punjab he has another advantage – he is a foreigner, unlike a colonial traveller.

‘He sees things detachedly, which many Punjabis, myself included, tend to ignore in their day to day life. MJ is successful to the extent that I feel envious. In these pictures he is rarely dramatic; he rarely captures moments in the sense that his subjects seem to be always accessible like the characters in a family album; a girl waving a duree, a peasant sitting on a clay chair, and old lady in her kothri, young girls sitting on a roof top – all these village folk pose with a smile. But ironically the old mansions betray their real emotions – bricks can’t pose – they are there as they are – sad and dismal, cracking under the burden of time.

‘A particular picture haunts me: some Sikh lads are staring at you standing in a theatrical setting of an age old gurdwara. It’s simply not possible to escape their mysterious glances. Perhaps they are my shadows. They are still there, because MJ happened to be there.

‘Like a Punjabi peasant I warmly embrace Marek.’
(Amarjit Chandan, Poet/Photographer)

Marek lives in London with his partner Maryla.

– Architect of the Polish Archaeological mission in Egypt, Sudan, Cyprus and Syria
– Photographic exhibitions in Poland, London and Coventry
– Photographs published in various books and magazines in Great Britain, Poland and India
– Author of several architectural projects in Great Britain, Holland, Qatar, Switzerland, France and Poland
– Masters in Architecture at Warsaw Technical University with Distinction
– Prize winner of several architectural, photographic and graphic design competitions

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