People Punjab

People Punjab: Portraits and Groups
PunjabiaN diyaN MoortaN

Amarjit Chandan
Amarjit Chandan Collection
Kanwal Dhaliwal
Marek Jakubowski
Rubya Mehdi
Iqbal Rasheed
Akram Varraich

Rubya Mehdi
Marya Akhtar
Portrait 7
Pervaiz Akhtar

Kanwal Dhaliwal
Ujagar Singh Dhaliwal

Akram Varraich
Basit Mir
Risham Syed with family

Amarjit Chandan
Habib Jalib Braving Death: A Photo Profile

Amarjit Chandan Collection
Haunting Faces
1. Bachint Singh son of Kahna Singh. Bathal, Hoshiarpur 1927
2. Unknown by Gopal Singh Chandan
3. Gurbachan Kaur by Kulwant Singh Dhillon. Ipoh, Malaya 1940
1. Ahmad Faraz, London 1985
2. Ahmet Antmen, Turkish Poet. Didim. July 2006
3. Ajmer Aulakh, Playwright. Mansa 2000
4. Ajmer Rode, Poet. Geneva 1991
5. Akram Varraich and Others. Pak Tea House, Lahore 1999
6. Amin Mughal, Writer. London 1996
7. Anant Ram, Pioneer Punjabi Migrant in England. Coventry 1991
8. Andrei Voznesensky, Russian Poet. London 1981
9. Anku, Coventry 1981
10. Anwar Ali, Writer/Cartoonist. Lahore 1998
11. Avtar Jandialvi, Poet. 2007
12. Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna, Revolutionary. 1967
13. Balwant Gargi, Dramatist. New Delhi 1992
14. Bansi Kaul, Theatre Director. London 2000
15. Bhushan, Writer. Ropar 1993
16. Choman Hardi, Kurdish Poet. London 2006
17.Darshan Khatkar, Activist. Chandigarh 1973
18. Diwan Manna, Photographer. London 2007
19. Face-Social Anthroplogy Museum, University of British Columbia 1989
20. Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Poet. London 1983
21. Ghadri Baba Harnam Singh Tundilat’s Wooden Hand, Yugantar Ashram 1989
22. Gurbakhash Singh, Essayist. 1973
23. Gurcharan Rampuri
24. Habib Jalib, Poet. London 1988
25. Harbhajan Singh, New Delhi 2000
26. Joginder Bahrla, Theatrewala. Derby 1992
27. Kanwal Dhaliwal, Painter. 1999
28. Kewal Kaur, Activist. Jalandhar 1974
29. Lal Singh Dil, Poet. Samrala 1993
30. Madan Gopal Singh, Singer; with father Harbhajan Singh, Poet. New Delhi 2000
31. Malkit Singh, Painter. Chandigarh 1986
32. Manglesh Dabral, Poet. New Delhi 1993
33. Mano. Nakodar 1973
34. MK Raina, Theatre Director. New Delhi 1993
35. Najm Hosain Syed, Writer. London 1995
36. Navroz. London 1983
37. Navtej Bharti, Writer. Berne 1991
38. Paash, Poet. Nakodar 1973
39. Prem Parkash, Writer. Jalandhar 1998
40. Prem Singh, Painter. New Delhi
41. Pritam Singh, Publisher. Mehrauli 1993
42. Rebecca Sharp, Journalist. London 1999
43. Salman Pirzada, Film Maker. London 1982
44. Šárka Litvinova, Indologist, Prague 1994
45. Shahid Mirza, Painter. Nankana Sahib 1998
46. Sennur Sezer, Turkish Poet. Turkey 2006
47. Self Portrait, London 1989
48. Sher Mohammad Murree, Baloch Leader. London 1988
49. Shiv Nath, Writer. Mohali 2007
50. Sidharth, Painter. London 1996
51. Sohan Qadri, Painter. Copenhagen 1991
52. Surjit Hans, Writer. Amritsar 1986
53. Tahira Mazhar Ali, Activist. Lahore 1999
54. Tipu, Lahore 1999
55. Ustad Salamat Ali, Musician. London 1982
56. Veronica Dewan, Writer. London 1994
57. Vijay Ozo, Photographer. Chandigarh 2007
58. WH McLeod and JS Grewal, Historians. Goleta USA 2000
59. Zia Sarhadi, Film Maker. London 1982
60. Zoya Rekhi, Ceramicist. Chandigarh 1999
61. Ahmad Salim, London 2009
62. Shahid Mirza, Lahore 2009
63. Shahid Mirza 2
64. Alia Ali, Lahore 2009
65. Zubair Ahmad, Lahore 2009
66. Nahid Siddiqi, Lahore 2009
67. Shadi Khan and Akram Varraich, Wazirabad 2009

Marek Jakubowski
Woman Making Roti
A Young Man
Woman Cooling Milk
Old Woman
Group of Young Men
Group of Young Women

Iqbal Rasheed
‘Najm Hosain Syed: A Portrait’ by Iqbal Rasheed



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    Will you please prevent your name from linking to my name in all web searches? It seems to happen simply because my name is mentioned on the following two web pages so it might have to be removed:


  2. Hi Monica,
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