‘Paper2014-Sold(2)’ by Mahrukh Moon Zoay


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Proud Virginity 3 by Gagan Vij


bronze figurative
gagan vij
proud virginity 3

‘Human bodies with hunger for intelligence sailing through perplexed areas of their thoughts. This would define my works if at all needed to be defined in a phrase.

‘I let go my characters to perform their desires. At the starting point of the work, I am the bigger self-character as most of my works are reasoning with self. However, by the time the work starts taking a physical shape I become a very small substance and just an audience in comparison to the interacting sculpted characters.

‘I like to push the envelope slowly without bigger than life performances. I feel it is always easier to have a work understood when the work starts asking questions, rather than delivering answers. To make people think with different viewpoints at the same time is like having time itself, thinking. In physical terms, the bondage among figures surprising each other is what I thrive to achieve.’

Gagan Vij

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