Ujagar Singh Dhaliwal by Kanwal Dhaliwal


Dr. Ujagar Singh Dhaliwal
Malout 1984
Oil on Canvas

Painting by Kanwal Dhaliwal

‘This is an image of the portrait of my father which i painted in June 1984. He gave me sittings for 4 days at Malout (home town) when the whole state (e.punjab) was ‘locked up’ during those notorious curfew days.’

Ujagar Singh moved on, Feb 4/09

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One thought on “Ujagar Singh Dhaliwal by Kanwal Dhaliwal

  1. He is my great grandfather and i am his grandson. I like his new published book “Jungle De Phul”. He has written many things about the world.the government.the riots of 1984,etc. He has written a sweet poem about Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It is very interesting poem which I like the most in the whole book. I also like the facts about the city of Malout(his home town).


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