Binyam Mengesha

Photographer, Ethiopia

Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Ethiopia canceled an exhibition featuring Binyam Mengesha’s photographs due to open in June 2008 at Dembel City Center’s Abesha Art Gallery in Adis Ababa. We are happy to present some of those photos at Uddari Art.

Photographer and Picture Editor
My Fashion Magazine, February 2006-

The Reporter Newspaper, February 2003- February 2006

Glamour Image Studio, May 2006

Founder and President
National Photo Journalists Association
August 2007

• Photo Journalism; organized by the World Press Photography Association, August 2006
• Fundamentals of Photography; organized by Kodak Professionals, February 2001
• Panose Ethiopia Desrtification perogeram 2007
• Photo Journalism; Media Arts at Southern Illinois University, U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia July 2007
• Participated in the Press Photography Exhibition, May 2004

Web Thekaanay

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