Casting a Poem in Stone 6

Lettering and Sculpture
A Work in Progress

Artist Alec Peever
Poet Amarjit Chandan

Slough, Oxfordshire UK
September 12, 2008

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Web Thekaanay
Alec Peever
Amarjit Chandan
Uddari Weblog


3 thoughts on “Casting a Poem in Stone 6

  1. I love the poem begining ‘There lies a stone…’ outside the cinema in Slough. I grew up in Manor Park, Slough. All my friends-no family are still there. We are all different me and my friends: Punjabi, Pakistani, West Indian, Irish and me I was born in Wales. Difference is at peace in Slough, ever changing like a snake sloughing its skin. Those snaking words of the poem seem so apt.

    There’s an ancient anagram that spells out a sentence in latin: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. It translates as ‘Visit the interior of the earth and there by rectification find the hidden stone.’ The words conjour up the image of a snake wraped around a stone.

    I would really like to know the words to the poem. I would pop down the high street but I live 320 miles away in Northumberland and so would be grateful if you could e-mail me the poem or a link to a site where i can find.

    Thanks, ian


  2. Hi Amarjit,
    good to see the floor is on the web. It is a bit misleading to have Alec as the artist – because he is the stone carver but the overall design is mine.
    Hope all is well with you.


  3. The overall design for the Slough town square is mine. I have collaborated with Alec Peever who has poetry interventions throughout the High Street with other poets in different languages.

    So with this piece Amarjit is the poet, Alec is the stone carver; he has also designed the script and its position in the overall design.


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