Gurvinder Singh

Gurvinder Singh, Ganpatipule 2008
Photo by Sunaina

Anney Gorhey da Daan ਅੰਨ੍ੇ ਘੋੜੇ ਦਾ ਦਾਨ (Alms of the Blind Horse) a film in Punjabi directed by Gurvinder Singh and based on the novel of the same title on the so-called Dalit theme by Gurdial Singh has been selected for the 68th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica – Venice International Film Festival – to be held from 31st August 2011 to 10th September 2011. Read More

Works displayed at Uddari Art Exhibition: 19

Studied filmmaking at the Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, graduating in 2001.

Received grants from India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) for audio-video documentation of the folk balladeering traditions of Punjab. The documentation resulted in a film on one of the balladeers, titled “Pala” (2003/68mins). The resulting audio documentation is archived at the Archive and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology (ARCE), Gurgaon. “Kissa Punjab”, an audio CD of select field recordings was released by Underscore Records. (

Other films include: “A Winter Tale” (2004/58 mins), an account of six days spent at the filmmaker’s maternal grandmother’s house in Delhi; “Passage” (2004/9mins), a video on the ambient sounds and passage of time within my house; “Legs Above My Feet” (2007/43mins), an experimental narrative that unfolds as a conversation with young Kathak dancer Sushmita Ghosh and deals with love, loss & identity against the backdrop of her desire to express herself through dance; “An Untitled Film” (2008/62 mins), a video essay on FTII, featuring interviews with its graduates. Also directed music videos for singers Rabbi Shergill and Jasbir Jassi for their respective renditions of Punjabi folk song ‘Jugni’.

Assisted renowned filmmaker Mani Kaul in conducting a workshop for film students at FTII, Pune, in 2005. The 6 week long workshop dealt with issues of cinematic form, theory and practice. Assisted Iranian born French filmmaker and writer, Chapour Haghighat, in directing a feature film ‘The Firmland’ shot in Bombay in 2006. Curated a film festival “Imagem dos Povos” showcasing Indian cinema in Rio de Janeiro and Ouro Preto, Brazil, in 2006.

Now living in Bombay, with one foot in Pune and the other in Delhi.

– August 2008

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3 thoughts on “Gurvinder Singh

  1. Congrats, Gurvinder!
    A few months back I participated in the Film Appreciation Course at FTII. Your name also appeared in the credits of a documentary film on Kabir’s bhajans.
    From where can I get your film Pala?
    subhash parihar


  2. Thank you Subhash ji. The film you mention is ‘Shabd Nirantar’ by Rajula Shah. I shot all the sequences of the bhajans and the interviews with the singers in the film. I can send you a copy of ‘Pala’. Please send me your address at


  3. Dear Gurvinder ji
    I am feeling great to write you sir because you have done great not only for punjabi literature but also meaningful cinema of india . Rare people do creative work . After MARI DA DEVA no meaningful work has done by anybody .when I read the story about Anney Gorey da Daan has been selected for 68th Mostra International film festival , it give us great pride .I searched a lot about this movie on internet to know about its releasing and how I get it . I found no answer .I request you please tell me more about it. very very thanks
    jarnail singh


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