Benaras-2001 by Gurvinder Singh

City Spirit: Shahr aatma
Benaras 2001
Black and White

Looking at his still photography it becomes clear why Gurvinder Singh must be a film maker; he can pack with ease, an incredible sense of movement and drama in each frame.

The intensity of the action figures in the transitory balance of each composition of time and space delivers a perfect moment of being and existence.

Gurvinder’s cities are expressed through its people; the kind of people who are in-sync with the ‘natural’ beat of that city. In it, he is a rare image-maker who creates healing urban images to bring home the realization that they do actually exist in our cities.

The stylized beauty of each frame, however, keeps images in the slightly unreal realm of the mind; the imagination.

The healing quality of these photos had me stalling as i was posting them. The last post can stay longer on the main page, so i shuffled them to keep one of my top favorites to be the last; ‘Benaras 2001’, the one right above us.

But i actually love Benares; and, Orcha 1999 is unforgettable.

What a pleasure, Gurvinder Singh!

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2 thoughts on “Benaras-2001 by Gurvinder Singh

  1. The two girls and the boy are actually siblings. They had brought tea from home to sell it on the ghats. I bought a cup of tea from them and suddenly they kept the kettle aside and started playing, jumping across the steps that separate the walls.


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