SL Prasher

SL [Sardari Lal] Prasher, painter and sculptor, was born in Gujaranwala on April 7, 1904. He took his Masters degree in English literature at the Forman Christian College Lahore in 1935. The following year he joined the Mayo School of Art as a lecturer and vice principal.

In 1938 he married Lajjya Kapila, who was staying with her uncle on a visit from Burma. They had four daughters and one son.

In 1947 their peaceful lives took the first of many turns; his first hope was that he could stay on in re-invented Pakistan. As that became impossible, he and his growing family experienced an odyssey through the refugee camps to become the Founder Principal of the School of Arts, Shimla in 1951. After several years he moved to Bombay as Director of the All India Handicrafts Board and settled finally in Delhi in the early 1960s. He died in 1990 of leukaemia far away from his homeland.

His prolific work is preserved all over. He will always be known for his art produced out of the traumatic experience of partition of the Punjab.

Works diplayed at Uddari Art Exhibition:
Atiant Nirassa
Kismat di Mari
Navin Dharti te Baithay
Drawing, 1947

– Art by Punjabis
– Partition: The Punjab 1947
– Punjab Landscape
– People Punjab
– Windows, Doors and Dwellings

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